Start where you are.

Do you have a passion you want to share with others? You don’t need to be a celebrity or a CEO to have influence. Begin with family and friends. Talk to them about how you would like to see the world changed. Discuss with them your vision of the kingdom of God. Find ways to invite others to join you by hosting dinners or launching a discussion group.

Speak out online.

In today’s digital world it’s easier than ever to make your voice a force for change. Join World Vision’s Facebook community and use your own Facebook page to start conversations about poverty alleviation. Follow the World Vision blog to learn about issues that affect the poor and connect with World Vision staff and others who share your interests, then spread the word using your own blog. Tweet messages directly to elected leaders, and retweet comments from other advocates. Join World Vision’s online activism network or sign up for regular news updates. Share YouTube video links with your social networks that feature your youth group, co-workers, or friends advocating on behalf of the world’s poor.

Join an advocacy group or network.

You’ll receive information and updates about the issues you’re passionate about, meet like-minded people, and discover opportunities to get involved. Many advocacy networks exist, focusing on specific issues as well as geographic regions. Start by joining World Vision’s Advocate Network or connect with national advocacy organizations such as Bread for the World, the ONE Campaign, or Results.

Speak at or invite a speaker to your church or professional or social organizations.

World Vision can provide you with talking points and resources to share with your audience or connect you with a World Vision spokesperson. To invite a speaker or for resources to give your own talk, send a request to our Speakers Bureau at

Give women a voice.

World Vision’s Women of Vision is a movement that seeks to educate and inspire women to action to alleviate the injustice and inequities that exist around the world for women and children. This volunteer program unites women across the country who are passionate about empowering women and girls to rewrite their stories and build a better world for children. As a Women of Vision partner, you’ll be equipped to learn about the challenges faced by women and girls, advocate on their behalf, and help make a brighter future possible for the next generation.